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Real estate has changed dramatically over the years, and the internet has made some of the biggest and most un-expected changes happen. We think the Multiple Listings Service, or MLS, has been one of the best changes for the person looking to purchase real estate. Using the MLS, a consumer can search real estate for sale from the privacy of their own home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The MLS contains almost all multiple listings for sale (see VOW for more info) in a given area, and many For Sale By Owners, or FSBO, choose to list their properties in the MLS as well. It's our goal to help consumers access their local MLS as easily as possible.

A New Way To Search For Real Estate

In the old days, when you were looking to purchase a piece of property, you often started with the local newspaper's classified ad section. Hopefully some ads had photos, but the description of the property was often limited to a few key ad slogans. Some areas have "real estate books" filled with listings, but nowhere close to everything on the market, and by the time the book was published, out of date as well. Online consumer MLS access has changed the entire ball game. Consumers now have the power to search multiple listings for sale with specific search terms, such as available amenities, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc..., from the comfort for their own home, most of the time without any fees or obligations whatsoever. The MLS has given the power of the real estate search back to the consumer!